Balancing time spent in 'real' world and digital chatter.

It’s funny how comfortable routines make us and how we come to rely on them.  Admittedly they can be limiting if we cling so tightly to them that we never experience anything new. But for most of us, routines give us a predictable structure to follow and help us feel ‘on top of everything’. 

Our routine has been virtually non-existent the last few weeks. Full-on renovating and moving will do that to you. Now that we’re officially in our new house and back at work as of today, we are all trying to find something that resembles normal again.  Or at least a new kind of normal anyway.  We’re all living downstairs together as upstairs is still a construction zone.  It’s a big area but the absence of doors, only having a bar fridge and Karmen’s bedroom in the kitchenette area, gives it that ‘camping’ feeling.  The fact that we are also completely disconnected with no TV or internet has completely changed our normal routines but not necessarily for the worse. 

Whilst I did have a minor stress out yesterday afternoon after going to McDonald’s to use their insanely terrible wifi to get school prep done, the disconnection has been a nice break.  It’s not until you stop your normal routine that you start to notice exactly how much time you’ve been wasting scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, just because they’re there.

Typically I used to wake up and whilst having a coffee I’d be on my phone flashing between email, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and bloglovin’.  Usually we would also be sitting in front of the TV with either Sunrise or ABC on as background noise (we have been known to sit in front of ABC for an half an hour without even noticing it was a kid's show and Eamon isn’t even there, but I probably shouldn’t admit that!)

Since moving we’ve been sitting in the outdoor area drinking coffee and having breakfast in the crisp morning air.  Something I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if we’d stayed inside as it's warm by 7.  We’ve been having meals out there too with only the background noise of crashing waves a few streets away.

I’m definitely looking forward to having the convenience of being online again soon, but in the meantime I am liking our new daily routine that involves a little more silence and lot less digital chatter.  And once we do finally get re-connected I’m hoping I can find a bit of a better balance than we had before. (Remind me of this please, when my phone becomes re-glued to my hand!)

How do you balance your time between the digital and ‘real’ world?

Seven things the Block doesn't tell you.

1.Tradies will not be lining up to work.  In fact they often won't even turn up or call.  How do these people even do business?!

2. When working out how much time something will take you to complete, multiply it by five and you'll be somewhere close.

3. You will not look or feel glamorous at any time.

4. People will say things like 'well it's got a lot of potential' and 'you've defintely got vision'.  What they are actually politely trying to say is: 'I'm a little confused as to why you willingly signed yourself up to this' and 'You might be a little bit delusional.'

5. Toddlers and renovating is never a fun combination, regardless of how cute they might look in a brief moment captured on film.

6. The money will vanish before your eyes and no one will be waiting with a sneaky $10000 or voucher to bail you out.

7. The feeling of getting somewhere finally and seeing your home transform is the best feeling ever. 

Have you got another point to add?  I'm off to go collapse in an exhausted heap.  We move over the next two days!!


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